Big Data

"Small Data is gone and Big data is getting bigger and bigger! "
Big Data is creating new opportunities for organizations to serve customers and markets — while also creating and extracting value — in new ways. Big Data refers to the massive growth in the volume, variety and velocity of data being produced and the set of applications that generate, store, process and monetize this data. While this trend represents a tremendous opportunity for organizations across all industries, delivering on the promise of Big Data is no easy task.
SourceN understands that Big data is a big deal in marketing. But there are a few things that should be kept in mind to help ensure that big data will lead to big success:

  • Use big data to dig for deeper insights that help you develop specific strategies and actions to drive growth.
  • Get insights from big data to those who can use it. CMOs need the meaningful insights that big data can provide; but so do front-line store managers, and call center phone staff, and sales associates, and so on and so on
  • Don’t try to save the world – at least not at first. Start out by focusing on a few key objectives.

Some of our Core Expertise that allows handling of Big Data are -

Mongo DB :
Organizations building content-driven applications face new challenges — incorporating rich media, personalizing content in real-time, making content interactive, and supporting millions of users across multiple devices and platforms. To build next-generation content management and delivery applications, many organizations are relying on MongoDB to realize accelerated time to market, new use cases and superior user experience. We provide MongoDB solutions to handle challenges like -

  • Dynamic schema that can accommodate varied data and metadata requirements
  • Real-time characteristics of MongoDB allow organizations to provide highly interactive experiences to users for both reading from and writing to the database
  • Auto-sharding makes it possible to scale the database as data volumes and demands on the data store grow, making MongoDB a reliable platform for persistent systems of record
  • Using GridFS, organizations can actually store and serve rich media such as video, images and audio in the database itself. 

Benefits :

  • Faster Time to Market - By making it easy to update and grow the database as business needs evolve, MongoDB delivers agility and accelerated time to market.
  • Operational Simplicity - Storing and delivering diverse content in a single data store reduces operational complexity.
  • Superior User Experience - MongoDB's flexible and high-performance NoSQL platform enables organizations to build applications that were previously not feasible, and more importantly, provide a superior user experience. 

Hadoop :
Eighty percent of the world’s data is unstructured, and most businesses don’t even attempt to use this data to their advantage. With built-in analytics, extensive integration capabilities and the reliability, security and support, Hadoop is the solution for the big data to work for organisation.
Hadoop is an open source software that enablest the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodiy servers. Its designed to scale up from single server to thousands of machines, with high degree of fault tolerance. Hadoop's has two main subprojects which are :

  • Mapreduce - a framework that understands and assigns work to the nodes in a cluster
  • HDFS - file system that spans all the nodes in Hadoop cluster for data storage

SourceN uses Hadoop open source solutions that enables a computing which is :

  • Scalable : Allows new nodes to be added as needed and added without needing to change data formats
  • Cost effective : It supports massively parallet computing to commodity servers, which results in sizeable decrease in cost per terabyte of storage
  • Fault Tolerant : Hadoop enables the system to redirect work to another location of the data, when you lose a node, thus continues processing without missing a beat
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