9 Mobile Application Trends for 2015

The mobile industry has been ever changing and for good! We have seen tremendous growth not just for smartphones, but for tablets, wearable devices and Internet of Things. There has been significant focus on app analytics and for all those who believed Marketing was just F2F, behold, the Mobile App marketing has brought in a brand new shift in the way we buy and sell things. So, here are a few things that we believe are going be make it big in the Mobile trends for 2015.
1. Cloud driven
The clouds are here to stay forever. The app developers key focus will be the ability to integrate and sync apps on multiple devices, spanning from smartphones, tablets and wearable tech.
2. Beacon & Location based Wifi
We were introduced to the Beacon very recently, and we are sure to see its adoption from big brands. Marketers will look to integrate user data to further personalize beacon-powered push notifications, giving them more contextual meaning in the customer journey.
3. Watch more videos
Who doesnt love watching short clips ? Video ad market is expected to hit $2.7B by 2017. Going forward the marketers will make big use of video for App marketing and should leverage the power of video for storytelling on social channels.
4. Wearable tech
Be prepared to watch and wear all those tech devices that will be coming your way. Thanks to brands like Apple and Google for entering this new space, there will be many more to enter this market.Wearable devices are expected to storm in industries like healthcare, fitness & fashion.
5. mCommerce & Mobile Payments
Should they redefine the term Purchasing Power ? It cant get any better, when you have smartphones, mobile payment, mobile wallet, security and usability. 2014 has seen a significant growth in Mobile purchases and going further, Mobile will only take away much bigger share of total eCommerce spending. In-app purchases, idea of Gift cards, loyalty programs are some of the strategies that most brands are going to cash on.
6. App marketing is going to get personal
Marketing techniques are always evolving, and when it comes to Mobile app marketing, we see it evolve every year. While we thought it was all about User acquisition, user engagement came along. Many marketers will look to step up their game with increased personalization. With plenty of tools to chose from for collecting and analyzing in-app data, marketers are empowered to tailor make messagees to increase app usage and conversion.
7. HTML 5 vs Native apps
We have already noticed a drop in developing Native mobile applications. HTML5 and its development tools have been gaining polularity and more and more business will be adopting this to create Hybrid Mobile applications, that which enables them to work on Multiple platforms.
8. User Experience
If you want User acquisition, improve your mobile application's User experience. The only way to establish repeated users, is the ease in which the Mobile application allows the users to play around it. With the growth in mCommerce, Mobile app user experience will lead for any app development.
9. Traveling will be so much easier
We have seen a huge leap in the way Mobile applications has made our travel easier. With plenty of companies like Cleartrip, HolidayIQ, TravelMob, Tripadvisor, Expedia and others, its only going to get make your travel and stay planning even simpler. Travel and tourism industry is expected to see much bigger results, with everything going Mobile!