How to know if Enterprise Collaboration Software is right for your business

1)  You are addicted to EmailWasted Productivity – Analysts figured out that the average office worker spends around 79 days in email every year! That number seems ridiculous, but when you think about how much time your fellow employees spend responding, writing, and reading emails every day then that number becomes a little bit more believable. Social Software reduces email output and input because employees are more likely to collaborate in real-time and search the platform for answers rather than badgering their fellow employees. That means more productive/less distracted employees.

2)  Your collaboration is slow and extensive – Speed Up Collaboration – Being able to collaborate fast and efficiently will ultimately put your business in an area all its own. Not only will the employees feel like they are achieving more in less time, but they will also help your company’s bottom line. A slow organization will ultimately be left in the dust if it takes extensive time to execute compared to its competitors.

3)  You don’t have a centralized repository of documents – Centralized Data- Are you constantly asking your peers to send you over documents that you need? Does the work you need to do get delayed because you are relying and waiting on other peoples’ documents? Having a hub of documents helps your organization supply a wealth of data to every employee’s fingertips. It can help workers become more efficient by not bothering their neighbor in the next cubicle. It can also help the organization save on training costs by allowing newbies to explore all the documents from the past and independently learn rather than taking a mentor’s time and capacity.

4)  There is poor adoption on your current enterprise tools – Adoption Is Everything – Transitioning to a new system may be cumbersome and frustrating, but change in process is a necessary evil. The good news is, most of the companies that create Social Collaboration Platforms are seeing amazing adoption rates

5)  Your competitor might be deploying this system – Stay on the ball - If your competitor enables a platform that makes them faster, smarter, and more productive then it could spell doom if you don’t act fast. Gartner forecasts that spending on enterprise SaaS will hit $9.2 billion in 2010, up 15.7% from 2009's $7.9 billion in revenue. Gartner expects the enterprise SaaS market will total $10.7 billion in 2011, a 16.2% increase from 2010. Staying on the ball and ahead of the game could be the main cause between your company failing or thriving.


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