North East exodus: SourceN and other Bangalore companies reassure their employees

Deepa Balakrishnan, CNN-IBN
Some companies in Bangalore are doing their best to keep their employees safe in the IT capital only, even as the news of mass exodus of Northeast Indians dominates the media. 
In many software companies, nearly 20 per cent of the employees are from the Northeast. Instead of rushing back to their hometowns, many of them decided to stay put defiantly, after their bosses reassured them.
"Where do we go? We're all Indians," said Karma Bhutia, Managing Partner, SourceN.
But many Northeast Indians says the issue was exaggerated in Bangalore.
"There never was a problem…and there isn't now," said a person.
"These are just rumours...there was nothing serious about it," said another person.
Companies say it was mostly less educated employees, like security men and restaurant workers, who acted hastily by fleeing the city. Facing a manpower crunch, many employers are keeping jobs, of those who fled, open for them hoping that they will return
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