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Over the past 4 years Ext JS has grown exponentially and gained developer endorsements because of its flexibility and efficiency. There is a growing market for dynamic web apps and Developers and Vendors alike are embracing Ext JS to bring the next generation of the web to the public. Ext JS has powerful controls available like grid, data store, panels, tab panels, windows and others which reduce your effort and time for rich application development. It allows you to create a complex layout easily without wasting too much time. It is easy to customize the look and feel of your app by using CSS and it gives you the ability to extend base classes to add your own functionalities in application development. Here are a few reasons Ext JS has taken off: Rapid Prototyp
1)  You are addicted to Email – Wasted Productivity – Analysts figured out that the average office worker spends around 79 days in email every year! That number seems ridiculous, but when you think about how much time your fellow employees spend responding, writing, and reading emails every day then that number becomes a little bit more believable. Social Software reduces email output and input because employees are more likely to collaborate in real-time and search the platform for answers rather than badgering their fellow employees. That means more productive/less distracted employees. 2)  Your collaboration is slow and extensive – Speed Up Collaboration – Being able to collaborate fast and efficiently will ultimately put your
If you look at the progression mobile phones have made over the past 10 years it can make your head spin. It’s hard to believe that only 4 years ago this June Steve Jobs debut the iPhone in San Francisco. Mobile Phones are becoming progressively more powerful every month and becoming more engrained in our lives every day. If you think about it, mobile phones have come to replace a good amount of items since its existence: Voice Recorders, Alarm Clocks, Mp3 Players (to an extent), Landline phones, GPS Units, Calculators, Flashlights and Point-and-Shoot Cameras. And now I believe mobile phones will replace my wallet day. My wallet is primarily used for 4 things: To hold business cards I acquire, credit cards, my ID and my insurance cards. Business Card
SourceN had the privilege to work with Odopod, a design agency located in San Francisco to work on the California Academy of Science’s Golden Gate Park Field-Guide Application (I know, it’s a mouthful). The app allows users to navigate all of the amazing features, sights, and hidden gems that Golden Gate Park has to offer. The dynamic feature set also allows users to post their experiences, personal sightings, and insights about Golden Gate Park. It was a great experience to work with the forward-thinking people at California Academy of Sciences and the innovative people at Odopod on this project.   To support our relentless self-promotion please vote for our webby! What it does: Geo-locates you in the parkProvides an aerial view of the par