I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the entire SourceN team for a job well done and for successfully bringing our project from design to reality.

Michael Beutler - Global Director of Sustainability Management, SAP

Right from our first meeting, the team at SourceN displayed confidence that comes with a deep understanding of the domain, attune to our requirement and a fair amount of knowledge on how to balance the two. We really appreciate the work and the...

Simeran Bhasin - Chief Marketing Officer, Wildcraft

I really enjoyed working with the team at SourceN. They pushed us - and our product - during the discovery phase and we uncovered core functionalities of our product we never would have otherwise considered. Their design team was lauded as "Rock...

EmilyBest - Founder and CEO, Seed&Spark

The work with SourceN was nothing short of inspiring. Starting from the initial ‘Hello’ and down to the actual work, SourceN’s team is keeping a great balance between professionalism and a friendly-positive approach. ...

Ehud Waizer - Global Director of Sustainability Management, SAP

One word – Brilliant. I love it and I think this will be a valuable tool for the sales team. Great Job!!!

Lesleigh SeagramSAP Sustainability Account Executive

SourceN was a great development partner. Everyone - from the company founders on down - demonstrated an unflinching commitment to the project and to the delivery of an innovative and high quality product. I look forward to working with them again...

Jonathan Denholtz - Director, Interactive Media California Academy of Sciences



SourceN has strong and proven capabilities in WebOS application development. Designed for ease of use with a touchscreen-based graphical user interface, WebOS offers a suite of basic applications for personal information management. Initially meant for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), WebOS has subsequently been used on a number of mobile devices such as wrist watches, barcode readers, and GPS devices. The later versions of WebOS are now being used for Smartphones.

The team of developers at SourceN is adept at designing applications that are useful, fun and strengthen the multimedia capabilities of the phone, in all kinds of domains, including Entertainment, Music, Social Networking, News, Weather, Sports and others. SourceN has been innovating and delivering applications on this platform since the WebOS platform’s evolution.  As an example, SourceN has built an application that allows celebrity news tracking on Palm phones. This application enables users to receive instant updates about their favorite celebrities including their latest pictures.

At SourceN we combine our expertise in developing applications that have versatile user interfaces with the capabilities of the WebOS, resulting in practical and visually appealing applications.
Some of the applications that we have experience with –
·         Enterprise Applications
·         Games and Entertainment Applications
·         Social Networking
·         Location-Based Applications (LBA)
·         Social Networking
·         Application porting from other mobile platforms to WEB OS
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