Management Team

  • Ajay Ramachandran

    Ajay is the Co-Founder & Chairman at SourceN and is responsible for driving new product development and our Social, Mobile and SaaS products and services.Prior to SourceN, Ajay held senior executive, co-founder and board roles at several successful internet and mobile software & service companies including Utopia (acquired by USWeb), USWeb/CKS/MarchFirst, Electron Economy (acquired by Viewlocity), Ark Venture Partners, Raining Data, CyberSage Software (acquired by Macromedia), and Mobile Synthesis.Ajay is an industry thought leader and has appeared as a featured speaker at numerous conferences such as JavaOne, AjaxWorld, Comdex, and Forbes. He is a published author in various technical journals, including JavaWorld and Business Integration Journal. As a member of EPCGlobal, Ajay has also contributed to the development of numerous Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) standards along with luminaries from Wal-Mart, P&G, Gillette, the US DoD. Ajay also served as the Technical Chair of the World Wide Consortium of the Grid (W2COG), an organization sponsored by DARPA, the DoD, NPS, and the Secretary of Defense. Ajay holds degrees in molecular cellular biology and communications from the University of California at Davis. ... more »
  • Deepak Ramachandran

    Deepak is the Co-Founder & CTO of SourceN. He is SourceN's resident software geek and has worked extensively in Java, PHP, Flex,RoR, Objective C and, most recently, he's been getting his hands dirty with Android. With over 20 years of engineering experience in the Web and Mobile arena, Deepak provides deep technical guidance to SourceN's young and passionate development team.At SourceN, Deepak guides and leads the Technical Architects and Technical Project Managers during the design and development phase of software development to ensure our clients get exactly what was envisioned during the conceptual phase.Prior to SourceN, Deepak worked at USWeb/CKS, Samsung, Nikon and a number of startups. He has consulted with companies like Apple, Palm, American Airlines, and Cummins. He also has worked closeley with companies like ATG, Interwoven, Broadvision Pandesic, Netscape, Blue Martini, BEA, and Jive Software.Deepak likes to hang out with his wife and kids and, when he has free time, he likes to play guitar and keys, but mostly he likes to sing. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in computer engineering. ... more »
  • John Racioppi

    John has over 25 years of leadership experience in the software, security, and networking arenas.  He has driven strategy and direction for a number of organizations.  Prior to founding Message Insight, John served as CEO of Enhanced Communications Delivery Systems, a SaaS company focused on multi-channel messaging as a platform service.  John has extensive functional experience in strategic planning, product assessment and planning, go-to-market strategies, and revenue improvement.   John has been a leader in a variety of successful startup organizations as well as large public corporations including Trend Micro, Borland, IBM, and AT&T in the public domain and early stage companies including Infravio, Moonlight Systems, Lutris, and DASCOM.  In addition, John spent significant time in the consulting arena as part of Ernst & Young’s Telecommunications and Network consulting practice.   John has lead the strategy and planning activities of several global software vendors as they assessed new market opportunities.   In addition, he has extensive experience in launching the sales and marketing activities of technology start-up organizations. John received his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. ... more »