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  • Seed&Spark-Crowd Funding Platform
    SourceN defined & designed overall system architecture on Drupal. It’s a comprehensive Crowd Funding & Crowd Sourcing platform for movie makers.
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  • Microsemi
    A Complete website redesign with various custom Drupal implementation such as Apache Solr Indexing, SSIS sync, Migration.
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  • SAP Sustainability Report
    A Drupal based holistic management of risks and opportunities for increased profitability with a powerful Materiality Matrix & Sustainability Map.
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  • Textile Exchange - Drupal
    Textile exchange
    A complete website redesign for contemporary look & feel to Textile Exchange & end to end migration of’s Joomla instance.
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  • Elmuseo
    El Museo Del Barrio
    An interactive website for collecting,preserving,exhibiting and interpreting the art/artifacts of Caribbean and Latin American cultures for posterity.
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  • SAP Carbon Impact
    A secure, scalable, web based platform to accurately measure, mitigate, and monetize greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.
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  • IFC Films
    A redesigned website for IFC- the first and only network dedicated to independent film & related programming, 24 hours, uncut & uncensored.
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  • The Tweet Wall
    A gallery showcase of different tweeps and interactive UI for the users to get to know other tweeple and connect with other people in meaningful ways
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  • Green Globe Ideas
    Green Globe Ideas
    One stop destination with all innovative ideas which can be implement in a simplest way to make the life better for the future.
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  • VizB
    VizB provides many innumerable, yet simple ways to improve your daily productivity, whether it's at home, at work or on the road.
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