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  • Intel
    The Tool that compares processors to provides an estimate of power cost and savings when purchasing Intel PC's.
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  • SAP Sustainability Report
    A Drupal based holistic management of risks and opportunities for increased profitability with a powerful Materiality Matrix & Sustainability Map.
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  • Pacific Biosciences
    Pacific Biosciences
    A novel approach to redesign the website with a visually compelling website which also includes a dynamic flash wall view of the competencies.
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  • Wizard Invites
    Drupal based web portal which enables users to create, customize & send invitations online. It includes custom Flex interactive card creation system.
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  • SAP Carbon Impact
    A secure, scalable, web based platform to accurately measure, mitigate, and monetize greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.
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  • Rustic Canyon Partners
    Rustic Canyon
    Rustic Canyon Partners is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in exceptional entrepreneurs building.
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